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                                    ALL ABOUT SANIBEL ISLAND 

                                            THE ISLAND ITSELF

Sanibel Island is a boomerang shaped barrier island located just 3 miles
the coast of Ft. Myers, and connected by a low causeway.  Captiva 
Island is located just west of Sanibel, separated by a narrow inlet, and 
connected by a short bridge.   

Both sides of the island are spectacular, the north side faces out to San
 Carlos Bay, sprinkled with puffs of greenery on tiny little islets, with the
 Caloosahatchee River (separating Ft Myers and Cape Coral) stretching 
into the distance.  On the south side you will find miles of sandy beaches, 
looking south almost to South America. 

There are no stoplights, neon signs, amusements parks…nothing is 
higher than the trees.  It feels remote, casual and relaxing, although the
Ft. Myers International Airport is less than 45 minutes away.  There is
plenty of low key shopping and restaurants  (see our restaurant guide), 
although no malls in the traditional city sense.  The island is interlaced 
with bicycle paths, and for many it is the preferred means of transportation
while visiting Sanibel Island. 

The main road is Periwinkle Drive, which has historically been enclosed
 beneath a  canopy of trees, which can obscure the small signs announcing 
chic shops, restaurants and galleries.  (Incidently, the very first CHICOS shop 
is located on Sanibel Island. Please note that pedestrians have the right-of-way.  
Most of the commercial establishments are  on this road or just off it. 

Fully 2/3s of the island is preserved forever in its natural state, with Ding
 Darling Wildlife  Refuge taking up the lion’s share of that acreage.  More than
200 species of birds nest here, as well as alligators, turtles, river otters and
other wildlife. 
Other attractions include the Lighthouse Beach and Fishing Pier, 
the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum and the Sanibel Historic Village and Museum.     

Sanibel is a year round destination for fishermen – grouper, cobia, flounder, 
tarpon, snook, redfish, trout and shark plus more are the draws.  Boston Red 
Soxs are islanders during March, spring training takes place at the City of Palms

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on the beaches from November through May.
 And lights are not allowed on the beach during turtle nesting season.